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Manta Enterprises was formed by Teresa Howell and Mark Looper.  We have several services and lots of FREE information available through this site.  Below is a partial list:

  • Photography
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Family History
  • Fitness & Health Coaching/Health & Wellness-Holistic Health Products
  • Business/QB consulting
  • Motivational/Inspirational Writings
  • Business Resources 

Now this may sound like a list of things that don't go together, but as you get to know us, you will understand how these all apply.  We are going to provide tons of valuable links through this site, to our blogs, forums, other websites, and affiliates we think might be helpful.

Please click through the site and find your topic of interest, and explore the information we have available.  If you can't find what you are looking for or have additional questions, go to our Contact Us page.  We hope you will share this site, or any of the links you find on here, with people you think would be interested. 

Thanks for stopping by to check out our website!

Manta Enterprises, LLC

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